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Ottawa’s own HOT JUPITER has been performing hard rock throughout Canada with talent and passion for 10 years—2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the band!

With a self-produced debut EP, a loyal fanbase, and hundreds of shows under their belts, their focus in 2017 is to stay busy and inspired by writing and recording a second album, performing regularly, volunteering for charitable events, hosting parties, and collaborating with other musicians on projects and audio production. Things just keep getting bigger and better for one of Ottawa’s favourite and most versatile live bands.

Their unapologetic devotion to the hard rock sound is obvious when you feast your eyes and ears on HOT JUPITER live. With unwavering passion, the guys in the band are constantly in demand for performances.
Singer/guitarist Dave Leroux, bassist Kevin Roach, drummer/guitarist Kevin Fox, and drummer/guitarist Scott Whitemarsh have helped the band make its mark in the Ottawa music scene. The foundation of their playing and talents are stylistically diverse music that suggests many influences ranging from Pink Floyd to Pearl Jam to TOOL.

Check out the HOT JUPITER's pics, recordings and videos and enjoy an interplanetary adventure for your ears:
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Alumni and contributors: Lorraine Walton, Dana Lyle, Rob Sutherland, Stan Lefort, Ray Hession, Heather Fraser, Lee McCaskill, Colin McCaskill, Gord Elliott and JF Asselin